Friday, September 27, 2013

Should We Put America On Cruz Control?

A few days ago, Senator Ted Cruz made a stand (literally, a stand--over twenty-one hours) against the elites in Washington. Though his lengthy speech was ostensibly about Obamacare, Cruz spent a lot of time warning his fellow senators (the few who were actually present) that the American people were tired of elected officials who did not listen to the voice of the people.

Though Cruz certainly had his political future in mind when he orchestrated his "non-filibuster", his words seemed honest and heartfelt. Could it be that a leader is emerging who has the best interests of the people in mind? We have long pined for such a person; God knows, our choices in the last several elections have been dismal, at best. With the possible exceptions of Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Ted Cruz seems to be the only person in Washington right now who might actually be able to pull the sword from the proverbial stone.

To be sure, Americans have grown cynical and skeptical of all politicians. Those of us who keep traditional values and favor the Constitution have all but given up on reclaiming our country from the progressive elite. We bicker amongst ourselves, as no one seems to know which path we should take.

And suddenly, there is hope. Conservatives are fragmented, and we need a leader to come forward, someone who could unite and energize the base. Could it be that we have found such a person in Ted Cruz? Is the Senator from Texas up to the task?

It's early, but he seems to be. More importantly, he seems to be willing to accept the mantle. He's intelligent, uncompromising, and unwilling to let himself be dragged into the usual political mudslinging. He tells the truth and lets the facts speak for themselves.

In other words, he's a liberal's worst nightmare.

Will Cruz emerge as a forerunner for the face of the new conservative movement? Or will the combined efforts of the liberals and the Old Republican Guard keep him silenced? One thing's for sure: if you like Cruz, you need to be vocal about it.

Without the support of patriots nationwide, Cruz's voice will be muffled by those who fear his message. And then we'll be stuck with McCain and McConnell.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Syria: The Beginning of the New World Order?

Most sane people believe that attacking Syria makes no sense. As Wyatt Earp said in the movie Tombstone, "I ain't gonna fight you. There's no money in it."

But Is that true? Is there money in it after all? Could Syria be just what the bankers and global elitists have been waiting for?


Consider this: if it's true that there is a faction bent on a One-World-Government, what would have to happen in order to subjugate all of the world's nations to bow to the will of their new masters?

Global war, the likes of which have heretofore never been seen. And, to be more specific, a global war with no clear victors.

After WWII, the Allies, especially the United States and Russia (USSR), grew into prosperous superpowers. But what if there had been no real winners? What if the Allies and Axis had fought to a bloody standstill, each side hammering at each other until no one had the energy or resources to continue? Who would have come along and restored order?

Back then, there was probably no one. But, rest assured, there are people today with the power and money to do just that. If everyone is beaten down, hurting, starving...they will gladly flock to these new "saviors" to put an end to their misery.

The battered nations will have little choice but to relinquish their sovereignty to this new group. The rich bankers finance the reconstruction, thus taking the deed to each country, along with its citizens.

It's a scary thought. But could it possibly be true?

More than ever, stay vigilant.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Will Obama Defy Congress?

The polls are in. An overwhelming majority of American citizens oppose any kind of military action against Syria. The reasons are varied and valid. We don't want to help Al-Qaeda. We don't feel military action is justified since Syria has not shown aggression toward us. And we're not even sure who used the poison gas--the Syrian government or the Rebels.

The will of the people, however, could be a moot point when it comes to President Obama and his administration. Already, there a mumblings within the Obama camp that the President may go ahead with his planned military action regardless of whether or not he gets congressional approval.

Should Obama get approval from Congress? Most definitely. Does he have to?

According to The War Powers Resolution of 1973, he probably does. However, past presidents, including Clinton, have violated the act with little or no consequences. Why, then, should Obama fear doing the same?

Probably because when Clinton bombed Kosovo, he wasn't facing the stiff disapproval that Obama now faces. Clinton's philosophy was that it was easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. Obama is asking permission first, then plans to do what he wants anyway. Congress will be furious at being ignored, and the American people will call for impeachment.

Which is all well and good. But suppose these "limited strikes" result in a rapidly expanding conflict, will we have the time or attention to punish the President? If Iran attacks Israel, which in turn attacks Iran and Syria, and then Russia gets involved, it's going to get really messy really fast.

Make no mistake. There is a hidden agenda here, and it is not to punish Assad for a gas attack. The elitists in government are chomping at the bit to turn the Middle East into a barroom brawl. Just what their real interests are, however, remain hidden.

The sad part is, it may take the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people before we find out.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

"The Citizen" Now Available at Amazon

I watch the news. I yell at the TV a lot. I bitch on Twitter. My congressmen know me by name. In other words, I'm pretty politically active, and I don't like the way things are going.

Somehow, in between all of this, I also write. In fact, my new novel The Citizen is now available at Amazon. I put a lot of sweat into it, and I think it's a pretty good book. If you like conspiracy theory stuff, I think it'll be right up your alley. I'll post the link at the end if you're interested.

I had to do a lot of research while writing the novel. I researched Common Core. I saw how this seemingly benign program can be used to track a child from the time they enter school, gathering a copious amount of information on them. The end result, of course, would be that the government could assign a person a specific job based on their grades and aptitude.

I researched the 9/11 attacks intensively. If you haven't, you ought to. The discrepancies are mind-blowing. A good documentary to watch is In Plane Sight. It's currently available on Netflix.

I researched the deaths of Breitbart, Michael Hastings, and Phillip Marshall. I looked at everything I could find about the Christopher Dorner case. I'm not the most hardcore conspiracy theorist around, but this stuff will make you think.

Most of my research revolved around the New World Order, since it is a central theme in the book. Folks, this stuff is happening now, right under our noses. And it's not a new thing. An argument could be made that the events happening today were set in motion at the end of WWII.

They say knowledge is power, and I believe they're right. Too many Americans bury their heads in the sand, content to turn a blind eye to the truth as long as the checks keep coming in the mail and the TV networks keep churning out mindless reality shows.

But true Patriots refuse to be blinded. These people deserve our support, for theirs is not an easy path. The powers-that-be call them wackos and nutjobs. But that is because those powers fear a true Patriot. They fear that the truth will be spread. The fear for their lofty positions.

Anyway, dig for yourself. You may be surprised what you find.

The Citizen by Matthew McCollum

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Syrian Conundrum

With the news that American warships are moving closer to Syria, politicians have begun their respective war dances. Somewhere, John McCain is giggling like a little kid who just farted in class. The grotesque images being shown by the mainstream media depict the lifeless bodies--including children--killed in a supposed gas attack. These images are designed to elicit an emotional response, and so far, they seem to be working.

But as patriots, we need to step back and ask some hard questions. The general consensus seems to be that some type of poisonous gas was, indeed, employed. What is not particularly clear is who employed it. The government and talking heads would lead us to believe that Assad's government did so. That, unfortunately, is good enough for 95% of the American public.

But what about Assad's motivation? According to the most recent reports, he's winning. What would he stand to gain from releasing poisonous gas on his own people, or even using it on the rebels when innocent bystanders would obviously be affected? Assad is most certainly aware that the Western nations would use such a despicable ploy to further their aggression against his regime. It doesn't quite make sense.

It's a complicated puzzle, but here are a few of the pieces.

First, the rebels in Syria are comprised largely of militant Islamic groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra, which has close ties to Al-Qaeda. The Muslim Brotherhood are also involved, a fact made more sinister by the recent revelation that President Obama's half-brother, Malik Obama, has ties to that very organization.

Second, there's Benghazi. Was the United States actually running guns from Libya to Syria as many believe? Is this the reason that American citizens and soldiers were abandoned and left to die? If our government is that serious about a rebel victory in Syria, it wouldn't be a stretch to think they'd misplace the blame for a gas attack in order to further assist the rebels, and all with the blessings of the American people.

And third, who is it that the United States government really wants? Is it Syria? Or could it possibly be Iran, which could easily get sucked into the fray once the hostilities get rolling.

As citizens, we have been sucked into the propaganda time and time again. Remember the WMDs in Iraq? The ones we never found? Oh, that's right. Saddam transported then to Syria before we invaded. All the more reason the Assad regime has to fall.

Our government is flat-out out of control. They act as our lords and benefactors. The days of our elected officials even pretending to be working for us are over, folks. They have, as the saying goes, gotten too big for their britches.

Most Americans don't want our soldiers in Syria. The only way the government can get our support is to cry genocide. I don't mean to sound cruel, but that excuse is getting a little old. I'm sure it happens. It may have happened in Syria, and if it did, I hope those who perpetrated it burn in hell. But with the problems our country now faces within her own borders, we can no longer afford to be the world's police force. Not that we ever should have.

Turn off the cable news networks. Read. Listen. Make your own judgements. The more informed you become, the harder it is for them to blind you with mindless propaganda.

This world belongs to all people, not simply those who would presume to be our masters.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

United We Stand

Ok. I admit it. I lost it a little bit earlier today. A website had a picture showing a panel asking a man why he needed 30-round magazines. The man responded by saying, among other things, that the right to keep and bear arms came from God, not government. He went on to ask the panel who they thought they were, and reminded them that they worked for him.

The photo was pretty effective at getting one riled up over the whole gun control issue. But my blood started to boil when I began reading the comments. The thread had degraded into an argument over the existence of God. 95% of the people commenting were against gun control, but that point had been lost after someone made the comment that by mentioning God, the argument for gun rights became less credible.


The more I read, the more steamed I got. There were people on there arguing that their rights came from the Constitution, not God (wrong). Someone said gun ownership was the same as driving, and should be regulated in the same way (wrong). The more I read, the more I realized how many misconceptions people have concerning the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Let's start with the simple one. Owning a gun is not like owning a car. Driving is a privilege, not a guaranteed right. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights is the right to drive a vehicle  mentioned. One might argue that motorized vehicles didn't exist. Fair enough, but horses and carriages did. Funny, I don't see anything about them, either.

But let's move on to the biggie, the one that seems to cause the most confusion. Folks, the Constitution grants you nothing. Pure and simple. The Bill of Rights grants you nothing. What that document does is forbids the federal government to infringe on your natural rights. Some people call them God-given rights, and there's not a thing in the world wrong with that. The Bill of Rights refers to them as inalienable rights.

These are rights you earned by doing one simple thing: you were born. The Founding Fathers did not grant them. A piece of parchment did not grant them. When you came into being, you were automatically endowed with them. Now, if someone believes in God, then God gets the credit. If not, then evolution gets it, I guess. The point is, no matter where the credit goes, you have them, just the same.

As an aside, the right to believe in God, or whichever deity you choose, is also an inalienable right, because no one can tell you which religion you must practice. Check out Amendment number One.

What I'm trying to say is, whether we're Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist....whatever, we must put our theological differences long enough to put up a united front against those who would usurp our rights and seek to rule over us with tyranny. When we bicker and squabble amongst ourselves, we show weakness. The enemy sits back and laughs with delight.

Let's not give them the satisfaction.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Securing Liberty

Recent revelations have confirmed what many of us have suspected for years -- that the federal government is spying on our phone calls and internet activity. While the initial response to this news was, predictably, outrage, outspoken proponents of national security are now defending the government's practice. Some are even calling the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, a traitor and are demanding that he be arrested and jailed.

President Obama has addressed the nation, explaining that security cannot be guaranteed without the elimination of some privacy.

Benjamin Franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." We would do well to heed those wise words.

Over the past several weeks, our government has established itself as being either grossly corrupt or massively incompetent. Neither scenario is particularly appealing to the average American citizen, though I suppose the latter would be preferable to the former. The president apparently knows nothing until he reads it in the paper. Holder knows nothing at all. Hillary is MIA. The heads of the IRS are clueless as to what their employees are doing.


We, as a people, are standing at a crossroads.  The NSA is currently building a large complex in Utah to store our private information. Government officials and many of the talking heads assure us there is nothing nefarious. The NSA, they say, cannot listen to specific conversations unless they have probable cause, and Obama says that no information is being kept on Americans' internet activity.

Yeah, we can trust the government to play fair. Can anyone say Internal Revenue Service?

Tyranny is hiding just around the corner. Will we walk into the jaws of the wolf like good little sheep? Or will we finally wake up and rise up, as one, against the forces that would subjugate us and destroy our Republic.

Don't listen to Karl Rove and his ilk. They are desperate. Their lofty positions and, more importantly, their agenda are at stake. They will stop at nothing to convince the American people that they have their best interests at heart. They do not.

As always, stay vigilant.